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Physics and Chemistry of Solids

Experimental study of dynamic behaviour at short timescales

Room 427b
Cavendish Laboratory
19 JJ Thomson Ave
Cambridge CB3 0HE
Email: dmw28 (
Office Phone: (+44)1223 337209



David studied physics at Loughborough University 1998-2002 including a years placement with Siemens in Nuremburg on applied digital signal processing.

David joined the PCS/SMF Group as a post graduate student in 2002 and obtained his PhD in 2006; Deformation and fracture of a polmer bonded composite and its simulants.


Research Interests

David is predominantly an experimentalist with an interest in

  • Structure property relations
  • Polymers
  • Rate effects
  • Wettability and Adhesion
  • Fracture
  • Visualisation
  • High-speed imaging and other high-speed diagnostics



Key Publications

Principal Research Associate
Takes PhD students
Available for consultancy